Organizational Development Consultant

Why may any organisation need a consultant? A consultant is someone who has extensive working experience in the field and help the organization to show the possible best practices. This ensures that the organization does not have to spend time and money to re-invent the wheel and reduce the chances of making mistakes. 

Let’s start with defining the organisational structure. In an organization, we have many support functions like “Human Resources”, “Learning and Development”, “Finance”, “IT Infrastructure”, “Marketing”, “Project Management Office”, and “Recruitment”. Some of these functions work well as a “Shared Services” function, and some of them are as a “Dedicated” function. Both “Shared Services” and “Dedicated” groups have their advantages and disadvantages”.

The next critical aspect is managing the “Demand – Supply” for a project. When we get a new project, often there is a requirement for immediate staffing. While we all know staffing from external sources takes longer and more challenging, as an organization, we need to figure out the best practice to optimise the recruitment and optimise our “Bench”.

The worst part is – there is no rule of thumb to manage all these successfully. All these factors are often very specific to the organization, its size, financial strength and ability to take risks. There are only two ways to get this done – Learn through the mistakes or Take help from an experienced person with expertise in these areas. Learning it the hard way has a cost associated, and sometimes the cost of making mistakes is significant. Organizational Development Consultant can help you by giving step-by-step guidance so you do not have to reinvent the wheel!

I am here to help the organization’s leadership in all these areas, as I have over 15 years of experience handling all these aspects. As an Organizational Development Consultant, I first understand what is the “As Is” processes being followed, what are the pain areas (or even the possible challenges you may face in the future) and then work with you to implement some of the best practices that will be best suitable for your organization to achieve your goals.