Amit Ganguly comes with 28+ years of experience in the IT industry. After working for different corporate organizations for 25 years, last 3 years, he has started supporting different businesses and individuals as Consultant and Leadership Development Coach.

He provides Organizational Development Consultancy by leveraging his experience and helping organizations to determine their policies around Staffing, Recruitment, Organizational Structure, Training Models and many other areas. In the last 3 years as a consultant, he has helped 20+ organizations to reshape their organizational strategy.

As a Leadership Development Coach and Mentor, he helps individuals transform into leaders.

Amit’s organization – Blessed IT Solution is now a strategic partner of Kotler Impact and got the authority to contact organizations to publish their success stories/case studies in Essentials of Modern Marketing – India Edition. 


Does only a new organization require Consultancy Services? Not really, while for the new organization, taking help from a Consultant is almost mandatory, even the large organization often need support from a consultant. Why an organization may need service from a consultant? Since the person providing the consultant service has extensive working experience in the area, she/he can help the organization with the best practices (in line with their scenarios) and reduce the chances of making errors. In anotehr word, the consultant, helps the organization save moeny!

Many growing organizations start facing challenges on when to raise the resource demand, how to track the resource demands to the near accurate level, which all requirements can be fulfilled internally and for which they should go for external hiring. They also get into a dilemma about the size of the Bench they should keep and the ageing of the bench resources. How to do skills development for the existing employees, how to ensure high employee engagement level and low attrition. Another big challenge they face is which functions should work as dedicated and which as shared services!

Amit has over 15 years of experience in Recruitment, Staffing, Defining the Organization Structure, and Defining the Learning and Development Strategy and Structure. He is the best person to help the organizations to solve all these questions and show them the right path to growth.

Leadership Development

Sumit is a mid-level manager. He feels that his performance is beyond what is expected at his career level. He was expecting a promotion last year, but it did not happen. The person who got promoted – does not have the great technical skill like Sumit has, but he is a great people manager. Sumit was wondering why the organization has given preference to a person who is a better people manager instead of him (whose people management skill is not great, but technically very knowledgeable)!

Leadership Development strategy should include both formal and informal training and coaching approach. Do not remain as a Professional, develop yourself as an Authority, be part of the top 10% of the employees of your organization. Do you know who has established themselves in the Authoritative position, get 80% of the organizations’ payroll budget?

Mentorship Program:

The mentorship program is a unique program to share knowledge, experience and expertise so that the mentee does not have to reinvent the wheel. In other words, this is called a partnership program. It is ideally a One on One long term program, where the mentor and mentee work together to achieve a specific goal. I am available to mentor you in the following areas:

  1. Personality Development – Turn yourself as a person with a pleasing personality, with the help of developing your Emotional Intelligence, so that everyone would like to interact with you.
  2. Develop your Listening Skills – Develop your Listening Skills and become an Active Listener.
  3. Manage your stress – How to manage your stress related to work and relationship. We shall understand various NLP techniques here.
  4. Self Realization – Understand yourself, understand your potential and find out what you are good at and what can help you to build or rebuild a successful career, which will be of your choice.
  1. Improve your Communication Skill – The objective is to work on your communication skills in such a way so that you become an excellent communicator.
  2. Develop and Manage a High Performing Team – It sounds easy to manage a high performing team. Still, in reality, there are lots of challenges which a Manager or Leader face while managing a very high performing team. In this program, you will be learning the practical tricks to manage the high performing team.