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Life comes with ups and downs. Many times, when the low comes, we get stressed! We often feel – “Why Me? Why do all these have to happen to me?” But we forget the sunny days at that time. Stress is dangerous! These are at the individual level.

When an organization’s process and policies are not in-line with the industry standard, it creates stress at the organisational level. Compared with the individual level, where stress causes harm to one family, Organizational level stress causes harm to many families. 

I, Amit Ganguly, am here to help you with the journey at the individual or organisational levels.

Why Amit Ganguly?

You would agree that understanding something new from an experienced leader is always better than learning by reading a book. The best part of learning from someone in person is that you always get an opportunity to clarify your doubts by asking questions, which is impossible while reading a book.

I have over 27 years of experience (as of the end of 2022) in the IT industry. Out of these 27 years, 10+ years, I was instrumental in setting up an Organizational structure. I have over 15 years of experience in managing various functions in large MNCs. I am passionate about people development. Because of my passion, I have facilitated more than 400 classroom training sessions during my career, covering more than 10K students with excellent feedback. I want to share the experience I have gathered during my professional career, as I firmly believe that experience sharing carries more value than typical bookish knowledge. That is why I have created a few Leadership Development Programs that will be useful for budding leaders. We often use the term Leader Teaching Leader – I am a firm believer in this and always try to implement the concept.

Organizational Development Consultant:

Allow me to describe a few scenarios.

Scenario 1: In your organization, you own a new project from a new client which requires ten developers to onboard. The project must start within a month! You do not have a Bench!

Scenario 2: You were running a healthy Bench, but suddenly, due to some reason, your organization is not getting new work. Here the ageing of the employees on the Bench is increasing!  

I help organizations by using the best practices depending on their need and capabilities so that these challenges do not arise. 

Leadership Development Coaching & Mentoring – Found the Leader within you!

I am the author of the Leadership Development book and have a few courses on Udemy. I am here to share my experience to help you develop leadership qualities. I am India’s first Leadership Coach and Mentor exclusively for the employees working in the IT industries. I am the founder and Managing Director of Blessed IT Solution Private Limited.

Why Leadership Development is critical?

Remember, Leadership Development is critical for any individual and for any organization. The success of the organization depends on the number of Leaders they have. We can have plenty of Managers, but often not many Leaders. That is the reason we need Leadership Coaching. What defines Leadership? Is it just the designation in the organization? Is it many people reporting to that person? No! A Leader is a person who can get smarter people to work for him/her. Not only that, a Leader is a proactive person, always “Begin with the End in their mind”, and always thinks “Win-win”. A leader is a person who motivates others, has excellent social skills and high Emotional Intelligence skills, and is an Active Listener. You can find many characteristics in any of the great leaders. But do you feel it is impossible to acquire all these skills? It may be difficult, but not impossible. I am here to help you or your managers build these skills and transform them from just people managers to leaders.

Who is Amit Ganguly?

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