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Life is an adventure – start the journey with Amit!

Life comes with ups and downs. Many times, when the low comes, we get stressed! We often feel – “Why Me? Why all these have to happen with me?” But we forget the sunny days at that time. Stress is dangerous! Because stress has an impact on both our professional and personal life. It impacts our professional and personal relationships. The worst is – if not taken care of, we may slip into depression! What do we need to resolve the issues? To handle stress in professional life, it would be good if we get trained on some of the leadership traits that help us to handle the professional stress in a better way. Here, Leadership Coaching comes into the picture! Me, Amit Ganguly is here to help you with this journey.

Are you ready for the journey?

What you need to start a journey? We need to know the route! In another word, we need to know ourselves, our potentials. And how can we find out our potential? Genetic Brain Profiling is the answer for you and your family. Because of Genetic Brain Profiling, through fingerprints, you can know about your potentials accurately. So, what is the next step?

You need a guide or a pilot! Amit is your pilot!

our guide or pilot is right here – come and join with me to make your life journey beautiful. Join me for the Leadership Coaching – Awaken the leader in you. I, Amit Ganguly, offer a fantastic method through which you can not only come to know about yourself but also your family members. You can accurately know the potential that you and your children have. Through this, you can help to choose the best career or education in your life. The name of this wonderful tool or methods known as Genetic Brain Profiling.

Who is Amit Ganguly?

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Leadership Development Coaching & Mentoring – Found the Leader within you!

Myself, Amit Ganguly is a proven Leader with over 25+ years of progressive experience in various global organizations. I am an author of Leadership Development book, have a few courses in Udemy. I am here to share my experience to help you to develop leadership qualities within you. I am India’s first Leadership Coach and Mentor exclusively for the employees working in the IT industries. I am the founder and Managing Director of Blessed IT Solution Private Limited.

Why Leadership Development is critical?

Remember, Leadership Development is critical for any individual and for any organization. The success of the organization depends on the number of Leaders they have. We can have plenty of Managers, but often not many Leaders. That is the reason we need Leadership Coaching. What define Leadership? Is it just the designation in the organization? Is it many people reporting to that person? No! A Leader is THE person who can get smarter people work for him/her. Not only that, Leader is a proactive person, always “Begin with the End in their mind”, always think “Win-win”. A leader is a person who motivates others, who has excellent social skills, a high Emotional Intelligence skill, and who is an Active Listener. There are so many characteristics you can find in any of the great leaders. But do you feel it is impossible to acquire all these skills? It may be difficult but not impossible. I am here to help you or your managers to build these skills and transform them from just a people manager to a Leader.

Why Amit Ganguly?

I am sure you would agree that learning Leadership skills from an experienced leader is always better than learning by reading a book. The best part of learning from someone in person is – you always get an opportunity to clarify your doubts by asking questions, which is not possible while you are reading a book. I am passionate about people development. During my career, I have facilitated more than 400 classroom training sessions, covering more than 10K students with excellent feedback. I want to share my experience that I have gathered during my professional career, as I am a strong believer that experience sharing carries more value than typical bookish knowledge. That is the reason, I have created a few Leadership Development Programs, which will be useful for the budding leaders. We often use the term Leader Teaching Leader – I am a strong believer of this and always tries to implement the concept.

Genetic Brain Profiling

I, Amit Ganguly, also a certified Consultant to decode your genetic brain profile. This certificate is awarded by MiDNA Global.

What is Genetic Brain Profiling? We all have heard about Psychometric Analysis, which is a popular method to understand the behavioural pattern of a person. Why Genetic Brain Profiling produces more accurate results? The reason is – GBP shows the result based on our fingerprint, which cannot be faked. In contrast, the Psychometric analysis shows the result based on our response towards a set of questions, and we may choose our response and ensure a particular type of result.

Who controls our behaviour and characteristics?

Our brain drives all our behaviour and characteristics, so to know someone, ideally, we need to read that person’s brain. But unfortunately, we cannot open the brain and read. That is why nature has given us a screen – which is mapped with our brains. The screen is our fingerprints. By analyzing our fingerprint, we can read our brains as well. The Genetic Brain Profiling model derived by MiDNA is a 10+ years proven methodology with thousands of satisfied clients. GBP has changed Life for thousands of people worldwide.

The Concept

Remember that fingerprint of every individual is different. Even for identical twins, even though their DNA is the same, but the fingerprint is different. Based on that analysis, we understand the characteristics, potential, and behaviour of the individual. In a single word, we can know that individual. Here, knowing does not mean knowing the name and face. Here knowing means knowing the potential. Do we know our potential? Do we know the potential our children have? Do we know what the best education or career for our children is? Do we know what we should do so that for sure, we shall be successful? Because of Genetic Brain Profiling, we can realize how our brain is developed and what is the best-suited option for us. Fascinating concept, right?

About the fingerprints!

Let us talk about the types of fingerprints – there are broadly four types of fingerprints – “Arch,” “Whorl,” “Double Loop,” and “Simple Loop.”
Our brain is divided into six segments. These are “Cerebrum,” “Cerebellum,” “Diencephalon,” “Mid Brain,” “Pons,” and “Medulla Oblongata.” The Cerebrum or the gray matter has five segments again, as “Pre-Frontal,” “Frontal,” “Parietal,” “Temporal,” and “Occipital.” These five segments are connected with our five fingers. When we take the fingerprint scan of our ten fingers, it maps to each of the segments of the “cerebrum” segment in both the right and left lobe. So, depending on types of fingerprint, we have different fingers that denote what our potential, characteristics are, and so on. These are the mirror of our brain.