IKIGAI of our life? Does Genetic Brain Profile help to Unleashing your potential? Yes, it can help with the following steps:

  1. What I love and What I am good at -> these two gives us the Passion that we have.
  2. Passion and what I can be paid for > helps us to identify our Profession.
  3. When “What I love” and “What the World needs” matches – that becomes our Mission
Unleashing your potential through IKIGAI
IKIGAI of Genetic Brain Profiling

Unleashing your potential

What all we need to do to achieve it? Please do remember the following.

  1. Be aware of what your potential is.
  2. Believe on self
  3. Be committed to your goal and what you want to achieve.
  4. Give your 100% – no excuse.
  5. Be happy and joyful. That is the key.

Components of our brain

For Unleashing your potential, you must know the components of our brain. The below image shows the components of our brain.

Unleashing your potential you need to know your brain
Components of our Brain

Now, let us understand what are the components of our brain and then how our fingerprint helps us to map several components and capabilities of our brain and Spinal Chord (which forms the Central Nervous System). Our brain has six structures.

The cerebellum is divided into five lobes, which are:

  1. Pre-Frontal – The primary activity of this brain region is considered to be orchestration of thoughts and actions per internal goals.
  2. Frontal is responsible for Reasoning and Thoughts.
  3. The parietal lobe is responsible for sensory information.
  4. The temporal lobe is responsible for an auditory response from the ear.
  5. The occipital lobe is meant for processing the visual information from the eyes.

If we talk about the cerebellum lobe, the job of this lobe is to do muscle coordination, balance, posture, muscle tone.
If we talk about the Diencephalon lobe, it has two segments.

  1. Thalamus – it acts as a relay system by directing the sensory information to the cerebellum.
  2. Hypothalamus is responsible for controls or regulates body temperature, appetite, water balance, sleep and blood vessel contraction, and dilation. It also plays a critical role in managing or controlling “Anger,” “Fear,” “Pleasure,” “Pain,” “Affection.”

Mid-Brain segment is located below the cerebellum and responsible for eye and auditory reflexes.
The Pons is responsible for some reflex actions like chewing, tasting, and saliva production.
Finally, the last one is “Medulla Oblongata.”, which regulates the Heart and blood vessel function, digestion, respiration, swallowing, coughing, sneezing, blood pressure.
Also, one interesting information is – our brain is divided into two hemispheres, and the left hemisphere controls the right side of our body and vice-versa.

Our Brain and finger print mapping!

For Unleashing your potential, Now, let us see which segment of the brain is mapped with which finger of our hand. We all have a total of ten figures in our hands. As mentioned earlier, our left hemisphere is mapped with our right-hand fingers, and the right hemisphere is mapped with left-hand fingers. See the mapping now.

Unleashing your potential learn brain components and our finger print
Mapping of brain components and our finger print

This is how, looking at the fingerprints, we can understand the characteristics, abilities of an individual. Since fingerprints are unique and do not change, the information that we get from here is accurate, compared to the other methods (like psychometric analysis), and cannot be faked.
Below are the few sample examples that you can find out using the fingerprints.

Learning pattern and ability of a child:

Unleashing your potential - know adaptiveness of child
Understand the potential of your child

Education during Teen Age

After schooling, a child is gets admitted to the college, how does the stream or subject be chosen? Honestly, most of the time, it is based on either the marks secured in the previous exam or ranking in the competitive exam. Had we ever tried to see even if my daughter or son had secured good marks in Maths, whether engineering is the right choice or statistics would be a better choice or chartered accountancy? Most of the time, we do not.

As a result of that, often, the child does not succeed in graduation and get frustrated. We do not understand that it is because of the wrong choice of the stream or subject, not because of the friend’s circle (most of the time we blame the friend’s circle or others). Let us understand that everyone is not born to be an Engineer or Doctor. By using Genetic Brain Profiling, it is easy to understand what is the highest potential area of the child. See the below table. Please select any of the three highest bars as their educational stream. She/he will, for sure, be successful. As per the sample chart, the child should be doing either of the below 4 (Medical Technologies, Natural Science and Technologies, Medical Diagnostic and Treatment, Applied Arts).

Unleashing your potential understand stream for graduation
Select the accurate stream for graduation

Identify the best career for you

Do you know that even for the adults using GBP and fingerprint scans, we can find out whether the person is doing the right kind of job or not? Not only that, but it can also be identified that what career level the individual should shine the most (Manager material, CEO material etc.) Below is one example. Like earlier, we shall go with the top three rows to identify the best type of work for an individual.

Unleashing your potential - understand the correct career Selection
Best Career Track Selection

The table below will help the individual and the organization to find out what kind of role will be best suited for the individual.

Understand yourself and others
Understand yourself and others using GBP


So, please do not wait, please get your Genetic Brain Profiling done at the earliest. If you are in a decision making position in your organization, then please use this system as part of your recruitment and also role change, promotion decision etc.
Please contact me if you need further details on this. Please use the “Contact Me” section of my page to connect with me. The cost is very nominal, much lower than you can imagine!

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