Parenting is not bossing on your daughter or son. Parenting means be with your child, be her/his companion, be her/his friend. Do you expect that your child achieves all that you could not achieve? If you expect – that is the biggest mistake you are making. Children are not your property, and children are not born to fulfill your unfulfilled desire! Do not push them to become what you want them to become, understand what their potential is, what they can become, and help and nurture them to achieve their goal. Do not push your goal to the children. As a parent, you must understand your child, and the best way to understand your child is Genetic Brain Profiling so that you understand what their strength is and what they are capable of doing or achieving. So, the key here is Tricks of Parenting through GBP.

What is the advantage do you have over your child? Are you sure that you are more intelligent and capable of doing things than what they can? All the advantage we have over our children is – life experience, as we have born a few decades earlier than them.

Bring them up in such a way that they remain open to listening to the advice from you, which is based on your experience, dare to discuss or deliberate with you if they do not agree with your point. Empower them to be independent, feel independent, make decisions. All you tell them that to bounce their decisions with you, and from your experience if you feel that the decision taken by them is not correct, explain it to them. Please do not force your decision or thought on them. Forcing will not help. Tricks of Parenting through GBP is essential.

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potential of your child
Know the potential of your child