Time Management – How many times have you felt, “I wish I would have 48 hours in a day?” Have you ever thought, why do we feel this way? We get into a time trap because of the following:

1. We fail to prioritize our tasks. As a result of that – we often concentrate on “Urgent jobs,” do crisis management throughout the day, and finally throughout our life! All we need to do is – perform a Root Cause Analysis if the critical or urgent jobs keep on occupying our time. The RCA will help us to find the key reason why these crises keep on coming back, and then we can find a resolution for that.

2. We often spend time, which is known as Interruptions or Distractions. When we are in the middle of something important – unimportant phone calls, chats, etc. are considered as Distraction or interruption. Please avoid these – keep the focus on the important task you are doing.

3. Get trapped with “Time Waster” – we all need relaxation, but when we have loads of tasks on our plate, let’s reduce the relaxation time to the minimum requirement. Many times, we spend time watching TV or meaningless social media interaction. Try to minimize when your plate is full.

Once we understand all these, then we shall found that we are now able to complete all our tasks within 24 hours of the day; not only that, we shall have little spare time. Invest that time for long term future growth. It can be reading some books that will help to gain knowledge or watch educational videos or talks, listen to inspirational talks, or anything that you feel will enlighten you and help you in the long term. Keep a calendar – ensure that you reserve sometime during the day (if possible everyday) for these activities.