A few weeks back, we had spoken about what shall we do when we feel low, demotivated and depressed. Today, let’s talk one step before and try to understand what all we can try to do so that we don’t feel low or demotivated. This way, we should be able to save us from slipping into depression. That is the reason, stress management is often proved to be essential and we may need external help to manage that.

The key here is communication and have connections with the people around us. There are different roles that we play in our life and each of these roles has some actions, to prevent feeling demotivated and stressed.

Let’s think of a situation – you found one of your friends (or sibling or son or daughter) suddenly started demonstrating any of a few of the following behaviors, which is abnormal to that person’s usual nature!

  1. Suddenly became quite and not speaking to anyone, but otherwise, the person is social.
  2. Looking at the wall or somewhere with blank eyes.
  3. Started eating sweet / chocolate while the person is not at all fond of sweet items.
  4. Sudden inclination about junk food, like chips or something, which is again not a normal behavior for the person.

In one word, the person’s behavior has suddenly changed or gradually changing which is abnormal. Be watchful, speak to the person, these symptoms could be a symptom of the person slipping into depression.

What else we can do? We need to:

  • Love the individual
  • Support the person
  • Have will power to become better
  • Love yourself or self – love.

There is a detailed video I have made speaking on these lines, explaining the roles and responsibilities. If you wish, you can view the video here: https://youtu.be/I4HKkh3FG48