When we are applying for a job through any online job portal, the recruiter first sees our profile in the same job portal. Not only when we apply for a specific job, many times, the recruiters search for suitable person in the job portal and at that time also our online job portal acts as a showcase!

Please remember that it might not be possible for a recruiter to open and see the details of each and every profile. The first impression is created by the profile headline, key skills, and photo available on the job site. We need to ensure that these depict the correct information about us. If I am a fresher – then below can be the example of the headline section.

B. Tech Computer Science Fresher, graduated in 2021 looking for a job as Software Developer. My key skills are C++, Java, Python, SQL. I am hardworking and have a hunger for learning.

If I have experience, then we should mention the number of years of experience and in which sector. Mention the strength and the key skills.

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