Mentorship Program

What is Mentorship Program?

The mentorship program is a unique program to share knowledge, experience and expertise so that the mentee does not have to reinvent the wheel. In other words, this is called a partnership program. It is ideally a One on One long term program, where the mentor and mentee work together to achieve a specific goal.

I am happy to announce that, from now, I am available for exclusive One on One mentorship program. I am available to mentor you in the following areas:

  1. Personality Development – Turn yourself as a person with a pleasing personality, with the help of developing your Emotional Intelligence, so that everyone would like to interact with you.
  2. Develop your Listening Skills – Develop your Listening Skills and become an Active Listener.
  3. Manage your stress – How to manage your stress related to work and relationship. We shall understand various NLP techniques here.
  4. Self Realization – Understand yourself, understand your potential and find out what you are good at and what can help you to build or rebuild a successful career, which will be of your choice.
  5. Improve your Communication Skill – The objective is to work on your communication skills in such a way so that you become an excellent communicator. 
  6. Develop and Manage a High Performing Team – It sounds easy to manage a high performing team, but in reality, there are lots of challenges which a Manager or Leader face while managing a very high performing team. In this program, you will be learning the practical tricks to manage the high performing team. 

Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching

You may think – what is the difference between mentoring and coaching? Coaching focus on solving the problem you have today, and it ends there. While mentoring help us to identify the possible challenges, you may face in the future and start working towards that proactively. In other words, coaching is to diagnose the disease, but mentoring is all about prevention.

What all you can expect from the mentoring program?

  1. There will be a One on One connect between you and me once or twice in a week. The duration of each of the session will be from 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  2. The duration will be for One to Three Months.
  3. The first couple of session will be used to know each other and understand the deep-rooted issue, what it can do in the future and identify the solution.
  4. Once the solution has been identified, the next few sessions, I will be working with you to address the challenges that you would be facing.
  5. The last one or two sessions will be to understand the understanding so that the life going forward will be fulfilling.