Life is a gift! We deserve the best. Then why do we not always feel happy and accomplished? Why do we have a sense of unfulfillment? Why we feel stressed or frustrated about our work or life? Because we do not know what we are made for! We all are best provided we follow our strengths!

Genetic Brain Profiling for Adults

All these because we do not know ourselves. Using Genetic Brain Profiling, we understand our Competency, Strength, and Areas of Development, and most importantly, we can understand, “Why am I like this.” Not only that, but this report also helps us to understand what should we do to overcome the Areas of Development that we have. We should never feel bad ourselves! Always understand everyone is gifted. We must believe that life is a gift.

Few Examples:

For example, think of an adult, who has very high self-confidence and self-motivation, but much lesser thoughtfulness. What usually happens with such an adult? There is a high possibility that the person may decide to start something (or decide something) without much thinking about the pros and cons of the decision or work! So, the chances of failure increase there!

Process Orientation

Similarly, if an adult has less independence, he/she will always depend on others for decision making! For them making a decision will be tough. Imagine, in professional life, when this individual will reach the first level of managerial position, it will be tough for him to handle the situation.

Let’s think about another scenario; we often found a few people who take a very long time to decide even a simple thing. For example, you are planning to buy a dress for yourself. Do you found it challenging to choose and finalize what you need to buy, or you quickly narrow down one dress, buy it and come out of the store? If you are in the first category (takes longer time to decide), then most likely, your Process Orientation is Divergent – which means for any situation, you can find a lot of possibilities, and choosing one among them often becomes difficult!

Think of an employer; he/she needs to promote a person to a managerial position. Is it not essential to know the leadership style of the individual? Sometimes, we found people who prefer to Influence others (Leading from the front, be with the team, explain why something is critical, etc.) to get a job done. In contrast, another set of people prefer to dominate others (who gives order and prefer the order to be followed without asking questions).

All these and many other factors we come to know through Genetic Brain Profiling. So, this is important not only for kids but even for Adults, getting Genetic Brain Profiling is essential.