What should be your Job search strategy during the current scenario? First – my sincere suggestion – if you are working with an organization today and if they are not planning for any downsizing, then please do not plan for a job change at this point. The reason is – the economic condition is volatile as of today, and we don’t know whether the client will be forced to pull out from the project. A few days back, read one statement from the legendary industrialist Mr. Ratan Tata, this year is the year for survival, not to look for profit or look for increment (for employees)! But if you need to change the job or as of today, you need a job, then below are a few suggestions.

  1. Be open to taking up any job in the first place; please do not fancy the company name of the package!
  2. Build genuine relationships with people through the right social media or other platforms. Please remember that you might get a job offer through your connections.
  3. Know that it’s always about them and less about you. What value can you add to your possible employer? If the other person doesn’t feel the value creation, he/she won’t invest. Your CV must highlight your value proposition, your USP, that you are bringing to the table!
  4. Look for a job that is part of your core strength or knowledge.
  5. If you are not getting a fulltime employment, please do not shy-away from part-time or contractual opportunity. 

With these, hopefully, this Job search strategy will work for you and you will be able to secure a job very soon. I wish you all the best.

Job Search Strategy
Job Search Strategy