From the last few weeks and may be few more weeks to come, many people across geography are confined at home due to lock-down. Many of us are going through a difficult time, in terms of seeing and reading depressing news about COVID-19, economic condition and so on. This news and situation often bring our morale down and we start feeling negative. This creates stress – we need to know Stress Management – during Lock-down!

Remember, negative feelings most of the time drag us backward. Many of times, we complain about certain situation, but does complaining help us any ways? If we look into ourselves, then we shall found that complaining does not help us anyways.

But still we complain, because, we see any situation from only one perspective and try to judge the situation too early. Let’s take a pause, take a deep breath and think about the situation and then think how should we react. Trust me, our reaction pattern will change. So, let’s think about the present scenario from a different perspective! Since we all are at home, unable or not allowed to go out, first let’s understand that this is for our good only.

Now, let’s look inside ourselves and see what is the actual problem? Why do we feel depressed or demotivated?

• Is this because we are unable to go out and forced to stay at home? If so, then let’s understand that:

1. This is for our good and safety. As everyone is telling, this is the only way to defeat the virus. Do we not want to be alive and spend many more years with our family? For sure, we want. Then, that should be the greatest motivation to stay home. Earlier we and our family members often feel that we don’t get enough time to spend quality time with our family. Now, we have the opportunity, please utilize it.

2. Staying home opens up new opportunities, we often get more time for ourselves. What shall we do to utilize the spare time more productively? We will see that in a while. •Are we feeling bad because we keep on hearing news of new infection and death due to COVID – 19?

1. First, let me be a bit philosophical, can we, as individual do anything about it? All we can do is, stay at home, don’t go out unless it’s absolutely required. If you need to go out, take required protection and follow the steps suggested by doctors and World Health Organization.

2. If possible, switch off the TV, don’t run the TV, especially news channels. Watch something else of your area of interest – movie, talk show, series anything, but not the news. Watching news once in a day is good enough just to know what all is happening around us.

  3. Avoid reading or seeing negative messages in social media. You would be seeing lots of rumors and news in various social media and WhatsAPP. Ask yourself, do you really need to know those? Can you change anything there? If not then avoid. That will help us to retain your mental peace.

Finally, let’s see what shall we do to use the spare time that we have. Earlier, we used to commute to work and spend time on the road. Now, let’s see what shall we do productive to use the additional time we got!

Here I am suggesting a few, which came into my mind, however, I am sure, you can find some more from your area of interest. One suggestion – if you have more than one things to do, please make a schedule with a deadline of completion to stay focused. 1.Learn something new – based on your profession or interest. It is always good to learn something new. This would help you in the future, either to excel in your profession or to follow your dream or passion. 2. If possible, do something that will give you exposure (in a positive sense) to the outside world. For example – you may make an audio/video recording on your thoughts and post it on YouTube, or something else, about which you are passionate about. 3. Don’t ignore your health, even though we cannot go out for a walk or Gym, but we can always do some stretching or freehand exercise to stay healthy. 4. Since our physical activities are less during these days, try to control your diet – try to reduce carbohydrate portions from your food (if you are taking excess carbohydrate).