Genetic Brain Profiling

The GPS of your Life – Hassel free ride to your life destination! 

Decode and Design your Life!

Get Guided by Genetic Brain Profiling.

The most complicated gadget of nature’s Creation is the Human Brain, and it is getting more complex day by day. Hence the focus is on Decoding and Nurturing the Brain.

What is Genetic Brain Profiling?

Genetic Brain Profiling is a concept based on the “Dermatoglyphic,” in which using our fingerprint, we can come to know about a lot about a person.


First, you need to book an appointment to get your fingerprints scanned. We shall take 3 scans for all your 10 fingers of your hands. Which means a total of thirty Scans.

After that, based on your availability, we shall schedule a time for counselling. I shall provide you with a comprehensive consultancy service explaining your report and also what all should be kept on focus. For any possible challenge – will provide the risk mitigation plan as well.

Why use Genetic Brain Profiling?

How do you drive to an unknown destination? You either use GPS or ask people for directions. Similarly, for our life, the future is not known to us. Genetic Brain Profile is your GPS system, which can accurately guide you to your destination.

What all Genetic Brain Profiling can tell you?

We can accurately identify various factors about an individual. Like:

  • Attitude
  • Interpersonal, and Leadership Skills
  • Career Cluster (what kind of work the individual is good at)
  • Career Preference (what kind of work he/she should be in to get the best outcome)
  • Personality (Self-Confidence, Self-Motivation, Efficiency, Thoughtfullness, Patience, etc.)
  • Learning Patterns
  • Personality Type
  • Parenting Techniques
  • Thinking Style
  • Kids particularly:
    • Education Curriculum (Primary, Secondary and Graduation or Post Graduation level)
    • Subject preference
    • How a child prefer to learn (by seeing, reading, or hearing)?
    • Memory
    • Thinking orientation

And many more!

Genetic Brain Profiling can be used for whom?

Genetic Brain Profiling can be used for any individual from the age of 4 years and above. The best part is – this gives us the most accurate information about an individual, which most of the time, even the person is not aware of.

In simple words, for an adult, it helps us to understand “Why am I like this”? For kids, what is the best way to understand the kid, their learning potential, what subject should they choose, and so on!

What Genetic Brain Profiling cannot tell?

It cannot tell us the future. It cannot tell us how long we shall be alive or what is going to happen tomorrow. But it can enable us to know our potential and capabilities so that we can use our potential in the right way and avoid possible dissatisfaction with our life!



Life Coaching using Genetic Brain Profiling

So, now you understood the concept, please note that, meet the life coach for you and your family. This means, once the scanning is over for you and your family, my job is not over. Because, as life coach, I shall be available for you and your family for Life long to serve you in any need. we can realize how our brain is developed and what is the best-suited option for us. Fascinating concept, right? If you want to unleash your potential, please request an appointment to get your Genetic Brain Profiling Done.

How Genetic Brain Profiling can help us?

Here knowing means knowing the potential. So, let us ask a few questions to ourselves! Do we know our potential? Do we know the potential our children have? And most important, do we know what the best education or career for our children is? Do we know what we should do so that for sure, we shall be successful?

Know more about Genetic Brain Profiling

Please remember that every fingerprint of every individual is different. Even for identical twins, though their DNA is the same, but the fingerprint is different. Because of that analysis, we understand the characteristics, potential, and behavior of the individual. In a single word, we can know that individual.

Types of fingerprints

So, let us talk about the types of fingerprints – there are broadly four types of fingerprints – “Arch,” “Whorl,” “Double Loop,” and “Simple Loop.” Now, let us understand a bit about our brain!

Know our brain

Our brain is divided into six segments. These are “Cerebrum,” “Cerebellum,” “Diencephalon,” “Mid Brain,” “Pons,” and “Medulla Oblongata.”
The Cerebrum has five segments again, as “Pre-Frontal,” “Frontal,” “Parietal,” “Temporal,” and “Occipital.” These five segments are connected with our five fingers. When we take the fingerprint scan of our ten fingers, it maps to each of the segments of the “cerebrum” segment in both the right and left lobe. So, depending on types of fingerprint, we have different fingers that denote what our potential, characteristics are, and so on. These are the mirror of our brain. So, do you want to know more about the Genetic Brain Profiling and how does it help? Please read more.
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