I am Amit Ganguly, an energetic person, passionate about people development, coaching, mentoring and training.

I have 25 years of experience in various IT giants (Indian pure-play and MNC) and have facilitated more than 300 batches during this period.

Now, I am at your service to share my experience and expertise in the area of people development, leadership development and relationship management. I offer the training / coaching session in following areas

  • Emotional Intellengence
  • Active Listening Skill
  • Communication Skill
  • Journey from Manager to Leader
  • Relationship Management at workplace
  • Relationship Management at personal level

I am here to support organizations or people to enhance their experience on communication, listening, leadership and relationship segment.

Today, everyone speaks, no one want to listen. This creates a major relationship issue. We need someone who will give time to us to listen, listen with empathy, listen without judging us, listen without interrupting us in-between, listen without being critical about us. This is called #Active Listening!