Most of the human on this planet is under stress today. This stress is due to different factors. Some of them are related to work, some are due to some other social and economic factors. On top of that, we found many of us react very differently on a very simple matter or issue, this increases the stress factor even more. To manage this, we need to work and develop our Emotional Intelligence or EI.

Let’s think, what could be the reason for this type of behavior! Our brain is tuned to react to a situation almost instantaneously – but do we need to react so quickly in all the situations? I am sure, you have observed, the kind of reaction we show, when we are stressed/mentally fatigued/angry or emotionally drained out, is different than the reaction we show when we are happy.

What does this mean? This means that our mental and emotional state determines our reaction. Assume a situation – you are under tremendous pressure and at that moment, someone called you and asked for a loan, which you had not asked for! Many times, we burst out to that person, which is kind of uncalled for! If we introspect – we will see that the reaction we have shown is not because of the telemarketing call that we have received, but it is more due to our already stressed mind. To control this outbreak, we need to slow down our response. Please have a look at the video series to understand more about Emotional Intelligence and how we can develop. Remember that Emotional Intelligence is an acquired skill and this can be nurtured and we can improve our emotional quotient.

One more point – as per psychologist Dr. Hendrie Weisinger, our rational intelligence is responsible for only 10% of our success. 80 – 90% of our success depends on our emotional intelligence, which many of us never learned or evaluated formally!

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence makes us calm