Probably COVID19 is by far the most disruptive change in our lifetime. It has brought the entire human race into a slow-motion state! Never before in history, more than 3 billion people worldwide were locked up in their homes at the same time. As the severity of the crisis intensifies, as it becomes more and more lethal and as mankind helplessly wait for the crisis to pass over, up ahead behind the clouds of uncertainty, three roads hazily appear.

The first road can be termed ‘road to perish’. The second one can be termed ‘road to survive’. The third one can be termed ‘road to thrive’.

Let’s understand a little bit more about each road and what is in store for people who choose one path instead of the other two.

Road to PERISH

Generally, people who have been in a state of denial ever since COVID-19 crisis surfaced are most likely to choose this path. Such people perhaps think that everything will be normal soon and the world will get back to where it was 4 months ago. They are probably living in a fool’s paradise. The truth is that the world is never going to be the same again. If such people don’t change their thinking quickly, they would soon start resisting any kind of change that comes their way. They are the ones who are most likely going to move very fast on the road to perish.


Some people would quickly acknowledge that the world is going to change. They would be willing and be prepared to change themselves in response to change around them. They would keep pace with the change in their external environment. They would be open to new ideas and be keen to try them out to adapt to the new reality. They would follow the front runners and quickly learn from them. They are the ones who are most likely going to take the road to survive.

Road to THRIVE

There would be a few people who would completely reinvent themselves as the world moves to a new reality. They would not just adapt to the new reality, they would take advantage of the new reality. They are the ones who would change faster than the change happening in their external environment. They would solve problems of the new world, create new experiences for people and help those who are struggling to adapt to the new reality. They would demonstrate great speed and agility in everything they do. They would rule the new world. They are the ones who would most definitely take the road to thrive.

So who is going to take which road would ultimately depend on the actions we take. If we wait for the world to get back to normalcy, we will most probably perish. If we change ourselves to keep in response to the change in the external environment, we shall survive. And if we completely reimagine and reinvent ourselves, we would probably thrive.

So here are the 3 roads ahead of us. Is there a fourth one? Please let me know what you think.