We have already seen in another post here, that communication is one of the most crucial factors in our life. An average human spends about 75% of their time communicating with others. We all know that communication is a two-way process; on one side, we speak, and then we listen. Both of these tasks are equally important. We all love speaking, but do you know that most of us severely lag on our listening skills? One more interesting fact is – out of 75% time that we spend to communicate, 40% is required to Listen! Now, let me share a shocking fact with you – the time we spend for listening, only 40% of the time, we listen actively. This is because of our poor listening skills – communication is often ineffective! Let’s take an oath to learn to Listen Effectively and become an Active Listener! Active Listening is one of the most important factor in communication!

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Active Listening
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