Book Appointment – Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP)

Congratulations! You have taken one of the best decisions in your life. I, Amit Ganguly, being a certified life consultant and coach, is here to help you to unleash the potential that you and your family members have, through Genetic Brain Profiling or GBP.

As you have read in the previous section – GBP is done through scanning fingerprint for all ten fingers.

Here is how the process goes! Once you set the appointment, I shall contact you over the phone and tell you how you can transfer the fees to me (I prefer digital payment, it may be direct bank account transfer or using any UPI transfer). Then, we shall meet on the decided date and time and take your fingerprint scan. Once the scanning is done, I shall handover a small manual to you. The scan report will be available within a couple of days. We shall also fix another appointment (which can be in person or through Zoom or Skype) when I shall explain to you about the report. This report explanation will take about one hour for each person. After explaining the report, I shall provide the suggestion for the next course of action as well.

Do you think once the discussion is done – our relationship is over? No! The best part is – we will have a long-standing relationship. That is the reason we call as extended family! So, I shall be available throughout our life to provide any assistance in the future.