During the last year, I was providing Organizational Development consultancy service for a few organizations. I was shocked to see that the top organizational leaders are not in sync with their Mission, Vision and Value Statement. Not aligned means they remember the Mission, vision and value statements and speak like a parrot when asked. But when I asked what do you mean by your Mission, each of them has a different interpretation, and unfortunately, those are not in sync! I started thinking about why this disparity.

When I interviewed further, I understood that these Mission, Vision statements are created a few years back, and during that time, except one, none of these top executives was on board! As a result of this, the new executives remembered it and interpreted those based on what they understood. But these leaders had never tried to find out whether their interpretation was correct. Neither the person who was present during the formation of statements had taken the initiative to share why these statements are created. What precisely the organization wants to derive from these statements.

Does Mission, Vision and Value Statements always be constant?

So, what shall we do? Please remember that the Mission, Vision and Value statements are not something that cannot change! Instead, they should evolve based on the business or market scenario today! Keep the following in mind while redefining the Mission, Vision and Value Statements.

  1. Whatever you are doing – why are you doing that?
  2. For whom you are doing it?

Based on these two questions, relook at your Mission, vision and Value statement once every year and make the fine-tuning. Once you complete the fine-tuning, do not circulate these to employees; instead, take a top-down approach, explain the changes, and explain why you made the changes (the rationale behind these changes). Once you took these steps, you will find, not only your top executives but everyone in your organization are in sync with these, and these will no longer a few lines written everywhere in your office but embedded in the mind of the people. It will be part of your organizational culture!

Let us understand that any organization’s Mission, Vision and Value statements are not to be written and remembered. It must be part of the culture of the organization. Every person in the organization must understand and realize from their hurt and follow those in their day to day work.